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Messagepar victorfrankl » 18 Aoû 2019 16:12

Choosing Trampoline Mats - Bands Vs. Springs

Did you know that the trampoline has been invented since the 1930 years? Earlier, an athlete named George Nissen noticed that when the trapezoid artists fell from their bars, they simply landed in a spring emergency network. This network is of very elastic quality, and trapezoid artists can often detect their faults by turning up and fooling as soon as they fall. Nissen envisioned an even more elastic background that could be used to perfect the jumps, twists, and flip, and that's how the trampoline was born. For many years, the trampoline is made of canvas attached to a metal frame or wood with a series of springs. You are looking for trampoline for amazon family, read the article best trampolines.

As time progressed, it was discovered that these trampoline springs could pose a safety hazard, especially for those who first started construction. Metal Springs Create space when they are stretched, but if a finger, toes or some unsuspecting skin will fall on them as they open, the pinch will probably leave a bruise and may even withdraw blood. There is also a concern that an athlete who gymnastics their doubles can lose balance in the air and hurt themselves if they landed on the spring instead of carpets. To have the best trampoline, let's check out Trampoline Flight.

This fault of the design of the original trampoline makes the inventor and engineer change thinking about how to provide the float and the ability to resist the carpet, while still helping the gymnastics athletes keep the whole part of their subsections. What they devised was the real advancement in trampoline technology: Instead of springs, they used heavy-bearing elastic bands that could bring the same spring, without fear of injury while those who exercise new trampoline learned Their new gimmicks in the air.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both design carpet trampoline, and which one you choose depends only on what you are willing to pay, and how to use the trampoline. Keep in mind that trampoline is used more often by older people, heavier, the more wear-resistant on the springs. This could mean replacing the spring regularly every month, although the springs are not expensive. Although the bands seem like a more efficient alternative, you have to remember that they cannot be separated from the carpet. When the strips are stretched out, you will have to deal with replacing the entire carpet rather than just the spring.
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Messagepar Juul_ie » 18 Aoû 2019 18:35

Il n’y a plus de concours pour entrer en IFSI depuis cette année... je ne vois donc pas de quoi parles tu ?

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Messagepar Jo_bis » 19 Aoû 2019 12:28

Juul_ie a écrit :Il n’y a plus de concours pour entrer en IFSI depuis cette année... je ne vois donc pas de quoi parles tu ?
Tout se fait dorénavant via parcoursup, sur dossier et lettre de motivation

Filière professionnelle.

victorfrankl a écrit :Bonjour

Je n'ai pas réussi les test psychotechniques ni la culture générale. Je voudrais savoir comment vous êtes vous entraîné aux concours pour réussir. J'ai besoin de conseils pour les épreuves écrites seulement. Moi j'ai acheté un livre mon niveau était très bon sur le livre mais cela n'a pas été suffisant. J'attends vos conseils avec impatience. Merci par avance de vos réponses.

Avec internet et des livres que vous trouverez en librairie, il est très simple de vous entrainer.
Il faut travailler régulièrement, rencontrer des professionnels.
"Il suffit de nous regarder pour voir comment une forme de vie intelligente peut se développer d'une manière que nous n'aimerions pas rencontrer."
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Messagepar melaniech49 » 20 Aoû 2019 09:25

Ils ont supprimé les test psycho cette année le concours a été modifié
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