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Download These Suggested Games and Apps from Apk Store

No more confusion about what to download for your Android phone with our below article. In today essay, we want to mention 2 games and 2 apps that you should be good selections for you. Let’s go to check them out!

Gemini Rue


Gemini Rue for Android is an adventure game with a science fiction story on Android mobile devices. The game takes players to the distant future world, in the galaxy called Gemini, with the content centered around two main characters: Azriel Odin - a former assassin killer - and Delta-Six - a mysterious man suffering from the memory loss. The fate of bringing these two people together means you will discover a world where life is cheap and human identity is brought to trade.

The game begins when Azriel Odin comes to the Barracus planet to find a person and when things get worse, he can only seek help from the criminal organization he joined. At the same time, across the galaxy, a man called the Delta-Six woke up in the hospital with empty memories. Not knowing where to go, who to trust, he attempted to escape before losing his full awareness.

When playing, you will change between Azriel and Delta-Six, and later you can control both at the same time. As Gemini Rue follows the "point and click" gameplay, you will perform actions: talking, finding clues and solving puzzles through the characters you meet. The unique gameplay and plot of Gemini Rue would definitely bring to you great experiences. Download Gemini Rue apk for free to join this attractive adventure.

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Inside is a popular puzzle game that has similar gameplay with Limbo. You will have to start the game without any voice or instructions. The puzzles and mysteries with no answers constantly appear around you. The key to completing this game is to thoroughly explore what appears around.

Join Inside, players will turn into the boy and control him to move continuously through the gloomy lands. Control the boy to run, jump, and pull objects to solve puzzles through swiping on the phone screen. With each challenge, players must be clever to find ways to arrange events, issues to find a puzzle to get the character out of the dark and dangerous places.

In the process of overcoming challenges, he will encounter many dangerous things such as dark forests; face guards; cars with lights, and os on. You will both have to use your mind to solve puzzles and run away quickly from the chases of the guardians.

The game begins with the scene of the main character being slipped down a rocky slope and straying into the monstrous forest. After escaping from the chasing of the masked man and hunting dogs, the boy infiltrated in an experimental area where scientists are doing many cruel tests on living people. For those who love the horror and fantasy genre, this Inside's opening is sure to create irresistible charisma.

Most of the sound of the game is static sound. The quiet atmosphere gives the player a feeling of loneliness and coldness. Also, loud echoes that increase the danger and the horror element of the game.

It can be said that Inside is a puzzle game combined with action that requires players to be both quick and clever to observe the issues around them. Download this game to challenge yourself with puzzles!

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Google Fit

Google Fit is a health monitoring application that helps record activity indicators of the human body through smart sensors on smartphones such as the number of steps in the day, distance traveled, jogging, driving ... All the user needs to do is install the application and take the device with him. After that, Google Fit automatically records that data without the help of any device.

Google Fit now allows users to download for free on the Google Play. This application will use the built-in sensors on the wristband or smartphone to collect data during the training process and then display it on your device screen so that users can follow it easily. Besides, users can customize some features, automatically monitor popular sports activities including jogging, cycling, and more. 

Highlight benefits:

Track exercises from phones and watches

The application will get moment subtleties when you exercise and view constant insights for runs, strolls, and bicycles. Google Fit will utilize Android telephone sensors or pulse sensors of smartwatches to record your speed, course and other data

Track your goals

Do you always accomplish your goals every day? Based on the activity and the process of achieving goals, Google Fit will help you adjust your goals so you can continue challenging yourself to get a healthy heart and spirit.

Record all your movements

If you walk, run, or cycle throughout the day, your Android phone or smartwatch Wear OS by Google will automatically detect and add your activity to Google Fit's log to ensure all your moves are counted.

Check at any time

Quickly see your activity history on Fit and integrated applications in the log with the new design.

Finally, you can click here to discover more and more Android apps Free store for downloading online - APK market with apps and games

Power Clean

The Power Clean app for Android provides the function of speeding up, cleaning and managing your Android device with fast, efficient and accurate speed, helping your phone or tablet to operate with optimal performance. This clean app helps clean junk files, speed up memory, manage applications and also help you see the device information. It also supports managing applications currently installed on the system, removing unwanted applications or backing up important applications.

Especially, Power Clean apk will let you check the status of the application about the level of CPU, memory, ROM, battery and hardware information.
Main features:

Clear junk: Based on our powerful Garbage Scan, Power Clean intelligently detects useless files, wipes and frees the memory safely.

Power up: Analyze battery usage and stop applications that are draining the battery to save power, speed up the device with just one touch.

CPU cooler: Analyze CPU usage and stop applications that are overheating to reduce CPU temperature, also with one touch.

Notification clearer: Block junk notifications and put them together to maintain a well-informed notification area.

In a nutshell, download those games and apps from Apk store to experience right now. Hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Cheers!
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je pense que tu as toi même identifié un premier problème qui est ta consommation d'alcool... Cependant, je doute que tu trouves une réponse ici, ce forum est pour les professionnels de santé, personnes souhaitant le devenir, ou étudiants. Il n'a aucunement vocation à poser des diagnostics ou à aiguiller des personnes vers d'autres professionnels de santé, d'autres forums ont cette perspective.
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Je pense que c'est un indice pour trouver la réponse tout seul :D
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