Anglais Médical- tout savoir sur les oligo-éléments

Publié le 17/09/2018
contagion masque tenue

contagion masque tenue

Ce nouveau cours d’anglais, élaboré par Virginia Allum, auteur et consultante EMP (English for Medical Purposes) traite des carences et des oligo-éléments. Les corrigés des exercices sont à retrouver en PDF en bas de page.

N'hésitez pas à vous servir du dictionnaire en ligne Wordreference. Vous trouverez à la fin de cet article les corrections des exercices qui vous sont proposés téléchargeables au format pdf.

Activity 1

Match the French term with the correct English translation.

1.    les oligo-éléments a)    antioxidant
2.    excès de b)    cerebral function
3.    carence en c)    immune system
4.    antioxydant d)    excess of
5.    retard de croissance e)    risk reduction
6.    diminution des risques f)    deficiency in
7.    système immunitaire g)    trace elements
8.    performances intellectuelles h)    growth retardation

Activity 2

Read the text and answer the sentences.

Minerals which are present in very small quantities in body tissues are known as trace elements. In 1981, Earl Frieden proposed a classification of trace elements based on the amount of the trace elements found in tissues. According to Frieden, trace elements were divided into:

  1. Essential trace elements: boron, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc
  2. Additional or probable essential trace elements: chromium, fluorine, nickel, selenium, and vanadium
  3. Physically promotive trace elements: bromine, lithium, silicon, tin, and titanium.

Essential trace elements are vital for good health and optimal nutrition. Boron, for example, plays a part in building strong bones. Deficiencies in essential trace elements can result in serious health conditions. For instance, low levels of iron can cause iron-deficient anaemia.

Additional trace elements have a role which is still unclear. Vanadium is an example of a trace element which is suspected of having a use in the management of Type 2 diabetes, although there are insufficient studies to prove this.

Another ‘additional trace element’, selenium has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect cells from damage. Although there were suggestions that selenium supplements may reduce the chance of developing prostate cancer, many studies refuted this and claimed that there was no actual benefit.

Physically promotive trace elements appear to be even less understood, although there are several hypotheses about their importance. For example, lithium has possible brain protecting function. It may increase the transport of vitamin B12 and folate into cells, helping to protect the brain, although evidence for this theory is limited. Titanium is found in dental enamel affecting the hardness of teeth.

  1. Trace elements are…
    A    minerals which are so small they have little importance
    B    also called microminerals, because of their size    (editor: correct)
    C    minerals which are only important in small quantities
  2. Essential trace elements are named for…
    A   their importance in maintaining a healthy body    (editor: correct)
    B   their use in treating diseases and disorders
    C   the fact that they commonly occur in the body
  3. Additional trace elements …
    A   are important for minor body functions
    B   may not have an important role to play in the body
    C   require more research to determine their importance
  4. Physically promotive trace elements are…
    A    poorly researched with scarce evidence about their use (editor: correct)
    B    only important to small areas of the body
    C     very important in the promotion of good health

Activity 3

Watch the video and answer the questions.

The video can be found at

  1. What health issue does the patient have?
  2. What sort of treatment will the patient have?
  3. What must the patient do, before the treatment?

Activity 4

Low iodine diet. Mark ‘Can eat’ or ‘Can’t eat’ for the following food and drink.

Low Iodine Diet
Food or Drink Can Eat or Drink Can’t Eat or Drink
dairy products    
black tea or coffee    
tea or coffee with milk    
egg yolks    
egg whites    
fruit and vegetables    

Activity 5

What does the nurse say? Complete the sentences you hear.

  1. ….the treatment you are going to have for your ____________.
  2. You have an______________________.
  3. You’re going to have __________________.
  4. It’s not an x-ray or ___________________.
  5. The radiation is _____________by your thyroid.
  6. Most people only need a______________________.
  7. you need to _________________to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.
  8. You should switch to a_______________________________.
  9. You should also ______________________any food containing egg yolks.
  10. I ___________________that it is not an easy diet…
  11. …. it is very important that you __________________the amount of iodine in your body before you have the treatment.
  12. I'll give you a _________________________about the diet.

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